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Benefits of Self Publishing
Your Poetry

"There is a pleasure in poetic pains which only poets know"
- William Cowper

Besides a poet's obvious desire for expression and recognition, self-publishing your poetry has plenty of benefits, which include:

Leaving a Legacy of Words

Poetry is perhaps the most popular of the literary forms that concisely speaks of one's culture and heritage. Things that one can proudly pass onto one's progeny to be enjoyed for generations to come. A carefully preserved leather-bound volume of poetic work may be priceless for posterity.

Royalties & Commercial Success

Modern poets like T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound are known not only for their poetic verses but for their brilliant commercial writing as well, some of which are regarded as pieces of modern literature. Indeed, there is money to be made in poetry book royalties when done with a bit of visionary thinking and marketing savvy.

Peer Recognition & Professional Reputation

The path to industry-wide recognition can be helped with a bit of self-promotion through personally published works pitched directly to the public or to traditional publishing houses. This was certainly the case among self-published authors like John Grisham, Paulo Coelho, Deepak Chopra and Christopher Paolini, among others. They eventually got recognized by readers and went on to become best-selling authors and respected industry figures.

Retain 100% Rights to Your Book

One of the enduring benefits of self-publishing your book is the exclusivity of proprietary rights to your self-published work. If you go with a traditional publisher, they will own the rights, and the success of your book would be dependent on whether or not they stay interested and are willing to continue to print more copies. You may keep your work available for distribution through our online bookstore and retailers for as long as you like, or suspend or withdraw availability should you decide to go exclusive with any traditional publisher at any time of your choosing.

Faster turn-around time

A print-on-demand publisher can have your book done and ready to order within 2 months, whereas traditional publishing usually works on an 18-month production cycle.

Full control of the production process

Your book is a reflection of you. When you self-publish you have complete control on the direction of your book, and ultimately, the final product itself.

Target your niche market

Because your book is one of a kind, it may attract a market that has not yet been met. You can test the waters through self-publishing, and you can target market your book to your specific audience.

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